IH10-17 is a Hand-seax

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The 7-7/8″ long 5160 spring-steel blade is flat-ground to a zero-edge and selectively hardened. The blade is 1/4 inch thick at the spine.

The handle is curly maple capped with a brass plate and a stout staple for a lanyard or fealty ring.

The leather scabbard in 8-9 oz. top-grain vegetable-tanned leather. It is oil-dyed British Tan and Tooled with designs adapted from an original scabbard. Two leather laces suspend the sheath horizontally. Scabbard is finished with Carnauba Wax.

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IH05-17 Modern Belt Knife

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The blued-steel selectively-hardened 5160 spring-steel is 4-5/8″ blade is 1/4″ thick at the base. The handle is 4-1/2″ long and features a full-profile tang that has a full-length taper to 1/8″ at the tip.  This balances the knife at the forefinger-groove. The handle-scales are natural-finish spalted maple.

There’s something special about natural wood and blued steel. This is a very stout multi-purpose outdoor knife with curves, character and looks. The knife is provided without a sheath, but one can be provided at a modest additional cost.

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IH01-17 Scagel-style Belt Knife




IH01-17 is the first knife of 2017! It is a stout belt knife in the style of William Scagel suitable for hunting, camping or survival needs.

The 4-1/8″ long 5160 spring steel blade is selectively hardened, and features a convex grind from the spine to the appleseed edge. The blade is 1/4 inch thick at the base of the spine and has a convex distal-taper to the point.

The handle is made of stacked leather washers and deer antler. The leather washers are finished with an acrylic finish so they will not rot or mildew as such handles have in the past. 

The traditional-style sheath is 6-7 ounce top-grain vegetable-tanned leather. It’s double-welted and riveted for strength, and double-needle stitched with linen thread. The sheath has a retention-strap secured by a hand-turned Sam Brown stud. The sheath is protected by a hand-rubbed Carnauba wax finish.


This stout pre-war style outdoor knife will perform out of proportion with it’s size! A good way to start the new year.