IH12-17 Bushcraft/Scagel Hybrid

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The 4-1/4″ blade is .10″ thick O-1 Tool Steel, with a convex saber-grind to a zero-edge. Blade is selectively hardened and oil-quenched. The handle is curly maple and antler. There is a brass staple at the tip of the handle for a lanyard. The pouch sheath is 8-9 oz. top-grain vegetable-tanned leather, natural with a hand-rubbed Carnauba Wax finish. The belt loop will accept belts up to 2-1/2″ wide.

Every so often I get an odd idea- like what if William Scagel had the thought to make a ‘bush-craft’ knife in the modern idiom? Features like the convex saber-grind to a zero-edge, natural materials for the simple handle, pouch sheath etc. I don’t know if tis exactly what he’d have come up with, but it’s what came to my mind.

Hunting, camping, cooking or just knocking around in the woods, this knife would be a fine and useful companion.

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IH10-17 is a Hand-seax

IH10-17a IH10-17b IH10-17s1 IH10-17s2

The 7-7/8″ long 5160 spring-steel blade is flat-ground to a zero-edge and selectively hardened. The blade is 1/4 inch thick at the spine.

The handle is curly maple capped with a brass plate and a stout staple for a lanyard or fealty ring.

The leather scabbard in 8-9 oz. top-grain vegetable-tanned leather. It is oil-dyed British Tan and Tooled with designs adapted from an original scabbard. Two leather laces suspend the sheath horizontally. Scabbard is finished with Carnauba Wax.

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IH05-17 Modern Belt Knife

IH05-17a IH05-17b

The blued-steel selectively-hardened 5160 spring-steel is 4-5/8″ blade is 1/4″ thick at the base. The handle is 4-1/2″ long and features a full-profile tang that has a full-length taper to 1/8″ at the tip.  This balances the knife at the forefinger-groove. The handle-scales are natural-finish spalted maple.

There’s something special about natural wood and blued steel. This is a very stout multi-purpose outdoor knife with curves, character and looks. The knife is provided without a sheath, but one can be provided at a modest additional cost.

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IH01-17 Scagel-style Belt Knife




IH01-17 is the first knife of 2017! It is a stout belt knife in the style of William Scagel suitable for hunting, camping or survival needs.

The 4-1/8″ long 5160 spring steel blade is selectively hardened, and features a convex grind from the spine to the appleseed edge. The blade is 1/4 inch thick at the base of the spine and has a convex distal-taper to the point.

The handle is made of stacked leather washers and deer antler. The leather washers are finished with an acrylic finish so they will not rot or mildew as such handles have in the past. 

The traditional-style sheath is 6-7 ounce top-grain vegetable-tanned leather. It’s double-welted and riveted for strength, and double-needle stitched with linen thread. The sheath has a retention-strap secured by a hand-turned Sam Brown stud. The sheath is protected by a hand-rubbed Carnauba wax finish.


This stout pre-war style outdoor knife will perform out of proportion with it’s size! A good way to start the new year.


IH0063-16 Medieval Arming Sword

IH0063-16 is an Arming Sword in the style of the 12th-14th C.

img_0202 img_0203 img_0204 img_0205

The 30-1/4″ 5160 spring-steel blade is 2 inches wide at the base. The blade is through-temperedto approximately Rc52, with the base of the blade, shoulder and tang drawn back to Rc44-45.

The hilt is 6-1/2″ overall. The handle is 4″ long, and has a wooden core wrapped in linen thread covered with leather. The leather is treated with an acrylic finish, making it very tough and durable. The guard and pommel are mild steel with a bright finish. The hilt is secured by a recessed cylindrical 1/4-20 thread 5mm Allen-head nut, and may be dismounted for maintenance.

Weight of the sword is 2lb.-7oz. Center of Gravity is 4-3/4″ from the base of the blade.

The scabbard has a Poplar core with a cover of green Chrome-tanned garment leather. It is 31-1/4″ long, 2-1/2″ wide at the top and approximately 9/16″ thick at the throat.

The sword is quite rigid for both cut and thrust. Swords of this type were popular when Mail was the most common form of high-quality armor, so the edge is quite robust to allow for repeated strikes without excessive damage.

In modern usage the term ‘Arming Sword’ refers to a single-hand sword worn as a sidearm in armored combat.


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A very Special (used) Longsword

2004-085 is a Very Special Longsword

sparringsword1 sparringsword2

This type XVa’s 5160 spring-steel blade is 35-1/2″ long by 2″ wide at the base. The blade is differentially tempered for added toughness. The sword is a purpose-built demo and sparring sword. OAL of the sword is 45-3/8″, weight is just shy of 3 pounds. COG is 4-1/2 inches from the base of the blade.

The furniture is mild steel. The cross is of hexagonal section with the ends turned down. The handle is sandwiched spruce wood wrapped in linen cord with an acrylic lacquer finish.

The sword is equipped with a black leather scabbard.

So whats special part? Way back when this was my personal sparring sword and was used in countless martial arts demonstrations at Camlann Medieval Faire and other venues as well as in classes.

After we stopped doing Camlann I handed it off to my demo-partner for some theatrical work and just forgot about it. In the succeeding decade it has been featured in a foreign television commercial, been on the TV show ‘Level Up!’ and in the movie ‘Name of the King 2’ as well as numerous theatrical productions.

This sword is very much in used condition; the blade is marked at the spine and edge from sword-cuts and parries. The tip is slightly bent from where I rammed it full-force into a breastplate worn by a 200b. man. That being said I have inspected the sword and it is in safe and useable; it has been maintained in excellent mechanical condition.

The very special part is that my friend heard that I was about to sell my personal longsword due to profound financial problems brought on by my recent injuries. They immediately delivered the sword (which by now I considered theirs if I thought about it at all) and insisted that I sell it rather than my personal blade. It took some convincing, but my wife and friend insisted.

This sword is now sold.

IH0060-16 Hybrid Combat Knife

IH0060-16 is a Re-imagined Tanto


6-inch long, 1/4″ thick 5160 spring-steel blade is flat ground to an appleseed edge. Cross-section is Shinogi-Zukuri. Blade is selectively hardened and blued.

The handle is 4-13/16″ long. The guard and butt-plate are blued steel, the handle is made of stacked leather washers. The leather has an acrylic finish, so unlike the originals it will be highly resistant to rot and mildew.

The knife will be provided with a traditional military-style scabbard in brown leather reinforced with rivets. The sheath will accommodate belts up to 2″ wide.

The concept is a Japanese Tanto re-imagined as a WW2-era combat knife. This should be an excellent all-arounder for field use.

This knife is now sold.

IH0058 is a Retro-Fighter/Camp Knife

ih0058-16a ih0058-16b

This knife combines William Scagel’s esthetic with the robust construction of WW2 combat knives to produce a unique and efficient fighter or camp knife. The 8″ 5160 spring steel blade is 1/4″ thick at the spine. The blade is convex-ground to a zero-edge, and the false-edge is not sharpened.The handle is made with blued mild-steel furniture and a stacked leather-washer handle. The handle is fully sealed against moisture and will be highly resistant to rot or mildew. The knife is 13-1/2 inches long overall and balances at the guard.

This item is provided with a double-welted scabbard reinforced by sold brass rivets. The knife is secured by a leather strap with a hand-turned brass ‘Sam Brown’ stud. The sheath will accommodate belts up to 1-1/2 inches wide.

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IH0057-16 Greatsword

ih0047-16a ih0047-16b


The 5160 spring steel blade is 38-78″ long and 2-1/2″ wide at the base. the blade is .337″ thick at the base and tapers to .150″ thick 3″ from the point.

The 8-1/4″ wide guard is forged-to-shape from 1/2″ mild steel and the pommel is also mild steel. The tang has a full-length distal taper from .360″ at the should to 1/4″ at the tip. The handle is 12-5/8″ long, and is made from sandwiched Poplar wrapped in Linen cord and covered in a dark brown leather. This sword has a dismountable construction, and the hilt is secured by a cylindrical 5mm Allen nut.

The overall length of the sword is 54″ and the weight is 4 pounds. the Center of Gravity is 4-1/4″ from the base of the blade.

The sword will be provided with a wooden scabbard covered in green leather.

This is genuinely a two-handed sword in the style of the 15th C., and is very maneuverable in the hands. The blade has a good point feel for thrusting, but don’t think this sword won’t cut! With its super-rigid blade and ‘appleseed edge’ it might surprise you.


19th Century Style Rifleman’s Knife- $425

IH0029-16sheath IH0029-16fl1


19th Century Rifleman’s knife reproduction. Sheath is also a reproduction, but from a different knife.

There are any number of knives of this sort in the historic record. They appear to be re-ground from large kitchen knives. Some have a profile similar to this from wear, but several appear to have been deliberately reground to this general shape. Guards vary from almost straight, as this example, to markedly recurved. Suitable for historic recreators from Mountain Men to the Cowboys.

The 9″ blade is 1/4-inch thick, is flat-ground to a ‘zero edge,’ and is made of selectively-hardened 5160 Spring Steel finished with an ‘antique’ patina. The handle is a stag crown with a copper band at the base to prevent splitting. The guard is blued tool steel.

The sheath is 7-8 ounce top-grain leather finished in British Tan, with a central welt featuring hand-cut fringe finished in Mahogany. Solid tubular brass rivets secure the welt and edge.

This knife is now sold.