"The Medieval Sword in the Modern World" is an in-depth look at reproduction swords and other medieval edged weapons in the 21st century. With over 100 pages of information and photographs of the work of some of today's leading sword-makers and manufacturers. Whether you are just beginning your aquaintance with the medieval sword or are an experienced collector or martial artist this book provides valuable information about the different types of swords, their manufacture, details of what to look for in a good sword and much more.

The 2nd edition expands on the text of the original book with new information, new sword types and a new chapter on Viking Era swords and Saxes! Additionally the original images have largely been replaced with hi-resolution images and the work of several additional makers is included as well! This edition is available as a full-color Kindle-format eBook or as a  Full-color oversized paperback!  

1st Edition, Kindle format    US$ 2.99 
2nd Edition, Kindle Format   US$4.99 
2nd Edition, 8-1/2"x11" full-color coftcover   US$19.95