IH39-17 HATE

The 9-1/4″ long 1/4″ thick 5160 Spring-steel blade is nearly 3″ wide. The flats of the blade are as-forged and the blade is forge-black. The ‘blade’ at the base of the handle is not sharpened, but can be (I wouldn’t advise it though!) The edge bevels are convex all the way to the zero-ground cutting edge.

The tang is full-profile, and the scales are American Walnut treated with oil dye and finished with Carnauba wax.

Hate weighs 1.86lbs, and the CoG is 2-1/4 inches from the handle.

HATE was conceived as a sidearm for someone with serious issues, like maybe a goblin or orc. While it is a ‘fantasy’ piece it is a fully functional blade, and could be a useful camp/survival tool. While it is quite hefty for it’s size its low moment arm allows it to remain a very agile and handy piece.

This is now sold.